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Prepaid Funeral Plans 
The pre-arrangement or pre-payment of a funeral is a growing requirement for those who want to be involved in the arrangements for themselves or a relation prior to death, especially for those sadly faced with a terminal illness
Putting thought into funeral arrangements helps to ensure your wishes are known to the family and means you can plan accordingly, both practically and financially.
If you are considering pre-arranging a funeral for yourself, a relative or friend, David Gresty or one of his dedicated funeral directors will be pleased to discuss all aspects of the arrangements with you.
The arrangements would be handled with the care and empathy expected and made at a time and location of your choice. Once the arrangements are made, all details would be kept on file and we would recommend you to keep a copy with your solicitor or executor.
If you would prefer or also like to pre-pay a funeral, including payment in advance (to help protect against future price rises), we offer pre-payment funeral plans through Golden Charter. We act as agents for the company because they support the Independent Funeral Director and all the arrangements remain flexible after the plan has been taken out.
In the pre-payment of a funeral, especially to help with budgeting, some couples take out a single plan which can be used in the future for either partner.
Please click here to see the plans that we are able to offer through Golden Charter and each plan can be customised to fulfil your wishes.
For further advice and to get a complete personalised quotation for a plan and advice on payment, please contact David Gresty, Anthony Caffrey, Jill Smith or Paul Birkett on 0161 973 1515
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