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Personalising a Funeral
At Arthur Gresty Funeral Homes we have over 80 years' experience in traditional style funerals. Over the last 20+ years there has been a greater emphasis and demand to personalise the service, to have a funeral that better reflects the life and person who has died and to offer a more tailor suited service to the bereaved. Moving with modern times, we offer all available services and arrangements to families.
Humanist Officiants offer families who have no religion or spiritual faith, but want a service of dedication to the memory of the person who has died. The modern non-religious services offer time of reflection, personalised tributes by the family, poems/readings and music throughout the funeral service. These services can take place in the cemetery/crematorium chapel, at a graveside or any other suitable venue.
These services are non-offensive towards people in the congregation of a religious or spiritual faith and can give a lot of support to the bereaved. We offer a non-biased service towards religious and non-religious services and are pleased to discuss the various choices to ensure the service and minister provided for a loved one is the right one for them.
Civil Celebrants offer a similar service in that the emphasis is on the deceased and the family. They do however offer the opportunity to include prayers and religious content for those who have some spirituality.
Funeral Music can be customised at the crematorium or cemetery chapel. If there are no recorded facilities available, then we can provide a portable PA system so that your requirements can be fulfilled, particularly at a graveside. We also offer Bag Pipers, Jazz Bands, Group or Solo Singers, a variety of Instrumental Bands and Soloists together with the Traditional Organist. Anything you feel appropriate for your service we would be pleased to discuss and source for you.
Woodland Burial Sites are becoming an environmentally friendly option towards the traditional cemetery. Trees, flowers and shrubs are usually placed on top of the grave instead of the traditional headstone so that eventually a new wooded area will be created promoting various types of wildlife and a natural memorial site.
The Final Placing Of Cremated Remains was traditionally limited to crematorium gardens of remembrance, cemeteries or churchyards, or keeping the remains at home. There are various options now available that could be more personal to you. Cremated remains can be taken to a favourite location that reflects family holidays or favourite days out (landowners' permission may be required), a number of football grounds now offer memorial gardens or a place to put the ashes, there are various woodland sites specialising the burial of ashes and having a tree placed on their location etc. We would be pleased to assist with any help in transportation or the legalities involved.
Different styled vehicles are now available instead of the traditional limousine and hearse. We can arrange motorcycle hearses, 4x4 vehicles, vintage hearses/limousines and horse drawn carriages which are an old tradition but are becoming very popular again. These are just a few examples and we would be pleased to look into any ideas you may have. We have our own Roll Royce, Jaguar and Mercedes fleet of vehicles and have close contacts for the alternative choices.
Floral Tributes can now be arranged in virtually any type of shape, style or design that you require. There are various standard designs, but we can discuss with you your exact specification. We have, for example, helped design military badges, family pets and vehicles.