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Cemeteries & Crematoria
We offer advice on choosing a memorial and also a complete memorial ordering service. A memorial is a permanent symbol of remembrance and respect, so it is important that its design and the firm producing it should be carefully chosen. We at Arthur Gresty Funeral Homes take great care in producing the right memorial for your needs.
We use a well-established, local, family owned Memorial Mason with a good reputation, who is a member of the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM), and who abides by their code of conduct and working practice.
Memorials take many forms, but all must be of strong, durable materials and should be capable of taking a permanent carved inscription (and possible additional ones in later years). Natural materials have proved to be the best, with granite being by far the most durable.
Our memorial advisor, Mrs Catherine Brookes, is available for quotations, orders and advice in respect of new memorials, additional inscriptions, repairs, re-fixing and cleaning.
We offer a fully itemised quotation and in the case of new memorials and additional inscriptions a full inscription printout service is available. Our advisor is also available for home visits and all you need to do is telephone any of our offices for an appointment.
Please remember, when considering a memorial quotation that the cheapest is not always the best.  A more expensive quotation given by a reputable company who have been in business for many years and give excellent after sales service plus a written guarantee from NAMM will always be a much safer and reliable choice than a company offering a cheaper alternative with no proven trading record.
If you are not sure about anything in the quotation you can call our advisor during normal office hours and all will be thoroughly explained.
The time taken to complete the memorial which you have designed will depend on a number of factors.
1. The availability of the material/colour/shape of stone chosen.
2. The time taken to get the memorial approved by the cemetery authority or churchyard.
3. How quickly design and inscription is initially produced and approved for completion
If you would like the memorial completing by a certain date you should tell our advisor and she should be able to advise you if completion is possible within that time span.
To Catherine, please find enclosed our cheque for the Headstone of Robert Holmes, at Brooklands Cemetery. We do wish to thank you for all the kindness, help and advice you have given to us. The headstone is all we could have wished for, thank you” From Elsie Holmes & Family
Dear Catherine, I am enclosing a cheque for the Memorial Stone at Tabley for my Husband George Ashcroft. It is exactly as I requested. Thank you for your service, also your kindness and understanding. Kind regards” Yours sincerely Irene Ashcroft
Dear Anthony and Cath, I am enclosing a cheque for the additional inscription on our Parents Headstone in Stockport Cemetery. Ian and I went to the grave on Saturday and we are absolutely delighted with the work, which has been done on the headstone and the re-gilding. Thank you so much for making it so perfect in every way possible. With best wishes to you both, and thank you again, your kindness and care has been so appreciated” Linda Fleming and Ian Baguley
Please contact Cath on 0161 973 1515 or click here to email